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Below are some comments and feedback from other users.

  • Alfa Abdullah, Brisbane, Australia

    Salaam sister Husna,

    I recently found your lessons on Surah Mulk after my local Ustadh showed me the Tajweed rules worksheets on the Love For Quran website. I explored the website and stumbled on to the kid's page. As I teach young children from the Iqra' books I was interested to see if you had any content that would interest them. However, instead of clicking the right age range I clicked your name as it said that you were 16 years old and that is close to my age (19). SubhanAllah, I am so amazed at your Quran recitation and the melodious tune that you have when reciting.

    As a woman, it is very difficult to find women who memorise and recite the Quran so I, therefore, have to listen to male Sheikhs/Hufadh. So when trying to perfect my tune, it is difficult for me to sound the melodious as mimicking a man's voice in my female voice results in great differences!
    But alhamdulillah, Allah has given me the opportunity to be able to follow your lead and blessed me with your guidance.

    I wanted to say Jazakallah Khair and may Allah bless you and grant you the highest level of Jannah. Amin.

    I was also wondering if you could please do a full recording of your Surah Al-Mulk recitation? Also, I don't know if you are continuing the courses but if you are might I suggest Al-Insan next?

    Jazakallah Khair.

    Sister Ulfa A.
    QLD, Aus

  • The Hussain Family, Huddersfield, UK

    The website looks amazing since the last time we visited. Especially loving the kids section, mashaAllah. Ismah and Muhammad, you both made us laugh with your 'easy peasy' and 'hope you liked it'. We hope you keep up the good work because we're looking forward to some more recordings inshaAllah

    We pray that Allah protects all of you and increases His bounties upon you. We also pray that Allah accepts your efforts and makes it a means of guidance for the whole Muslim Ummah. Aameen

    Please remember us in your duas

    Assalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamu alaykum 

  • Amanna Ahmed, North London , UK

    Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah.
    I came across this website only recently and I was impressed with the information and the products on offer in the shop.
    I ordered some items and the owners were so kind to send me more items for free which I really appreciated, so did my daughters.
    A big Jazaak Allah khair to the people behind Love for Quran who have done such wonderful work. May Allah grant them success both in dunya and aakhirah.

  • Aisha :) Huddersfield, UK

    I was very fortunate to see your website first time my dad reccomended it to me alhamdulillah. I think format is just really fun and refreshing, and surely must have kept you guys on your toes right up till the end in constructing the whole site. Its something really good which more people should be notified about, thank you Uncle. 


  • Omar Esa (Nasheed Artist) London, UK

    This website is great, Alhamdulillah and their book called 'Your Surahs Made Easy' are amazing Mash'Allah Tabarakallah. They help with understanding Quranic Surahs, the stories behind surahs in the Quran and they have another book series that helps with pronunciation/tajweed, which is vital for every muslim to learn. These books will help adults and children alike, SubhanAllah. They also have free online courses :) and trust me you guys won't regret it In'shaa'Allah 


    Omar Esa (Nasheed Artist) London, UK
  • Anisa, Nottingham, UK

    Firstly, I just wanted to say I absolutely love your website. I can remember wanting to learn the Quran-with tajweed + prayers a year ago and searching online and Alhamdulillah I couldnt have landed in a better place than LoveForQurans website.
    I printed each page out on my printer at home and studied everything whilst listening to the audio alongside-which by the way is an amazing idea and so beneficial to us who learn from it. May Allah swt reward you abundantly for each and every effort you and your family have put into this. Ameen.
    Ive just recently gone back on to your website and Mash'Allah can see all the amazing new things you have added, I was really excited to see the prayers and Quran/tajweed teachings in a book form.
    Alhamdullilah, its a blessing to have teachers like yourself who make learning and understanding the deen so easy, accessible and fun. JazakAllah Khair for your hard work which has played a massive part in strengthening my Emaan and understanding the fundementals of our beautiful religion.
  • Samina Asghar, Bradford, UK

    Asalamu Alaykum
    First of all I would like to thank you all for this wonderful website. It would not be an exaggeration to say, but it has changed my life. It has sowed a seed in my heart and has made me further my knowledge in my deen. Alhamdulilah.
    The course structure is brilliantly laid out and i particurlary enjoyed listening to the audios. The fact that they were short recordings really helped because it didnt make me feel overwhelmed.
    I have two daughters and they enjoy the childrens section which is very engaging and your children are doing an awesome job.MashaAllah.
    May Allah (swt) bless you and your family in this life and in the hereafter.

  • Shazia, Bradford, UK

    Loving using Love for Quran website. I think it's great and really useful with the kids. Thankyou

  • Amira Ali, Birmingham

    Salam little brother mohammad your soo clever machalah and you have a beautiful voice I listened to all your records. May Allah bless you and give you more knowledge. Xx

  • Shaista M, London, UK

    To Ismah

     السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته 

    ماشالله beautiful recitation! 

    May Allah ﷻ accept it from you and make it sadaqah jaariyah for you. Ameen!

    I have an 8 yr old daughter and she loves the Quran الحمد لله 

    I will make sure she listens to this when she gets back from umrah إن شاء الله 

    Please continue posting more Surahs إن شاء الله 

    جزاك الله خير

  • Shaista M, London, UK

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته !
    ماشالله Muhammad !
    Your recitation made me so happy and brought happy tears to my eyes. May Allah ﷻ bless you and make this effort heavy on the scale of your good deeds. Ameen ! I have a daughter who is five too and I will make sure she listens to all your lessons. Please do continue them!
    جزاك الله خير

  • Um AbdirRahman, Birmingham, UK

    To Ismah

    Ma'shALLAH this young girl has beautiful voice when reading her quran and her tajweed is very clear. Ma'shALLAH to parents who worked hard with her quran. Keep it up my brother and sister in islam--

  • Umara Tanwer, Copenhagen, Denmark

    Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh Muhammad! :D

    How are you Muhammad? :)

    I want to tell you, that you are doing a GREAT JOB. Salah is one of the 5 pillars and Islam and teaching the Salah is an amazing thing to do. I'm so happy for you and I'm sure you are the best one to do this! Keep doing this! Allah will be so happy for you and your parents must be really proud of you. Muhammad is a blessed name to have and MashaAllah you are a blessed little boy!

    Keep praying salad and reciting Qur'an, you'll become the strongest boy in the whole world! :D InshaAllah

    I'd love to meet you some day and when I get children, I hope you become their teacher InshaAllah :)

    I pray Allah makes you the reason why your parents enter Jannah! Ameen :) 

  • Umara Tanwer, Copenhagen, Denmark

    Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh Husna!

    First of all I'd like to say: MashaAllah, you are doing a wonderful job! 
    Secondly, I find your recitation to be very very beautiful and clear. Also, you are very confident in it which makes you a good teacher! Keep it up, I'm sure you can benefit many youngsters out there including myself, InshaAllah. 

    I have a suggestion for you. Your recordings are great but what about talking a bittt slower? For people like me who are not that good in English, it'd be great if you could try to talk and recite a bit slower inshaAllah :)

    I ask Allah Subhana Wa Ta'ala to bless you with the best in both dunya and Aakhirah and reward you immensely for this Husna, Ameen. 

  • Umara Tanwer, Copenhagen, Denmark

    Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh Fayha!

    Wow, I'm amazed!!! MashaAllah I can't believe you are only 13 and you recite so beautifully! When I was at your age, I didn't know how to recite like that. Now I'm 20 and I still can't recite like you! I hope to become as good as you some day inshaAllah! 

    Please keep up the fabulous work that you do, your parents must be soo proud of you! And imagine all the good deeds that are being written for you, MashaAllah. Countless good deeds!

    Your introduction was great and I believe everyone who listens to your recitation would like to memorize the Surah and be able to recite it just like you. Please make du'a that I can become a good reciter too! 

    I pray that Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala grants you ease in all your tasks and let the Qur'an become an intercessor for you! Ameen :) 

    Big hug, your sis Umara

  • Umara Tanwer, Copenhagen, Denmark

    Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu cutie Ismah!!

    I hope you are doing great InshaAllah :) I have to say that you have such a cute voice MashaAllah, and the way you talk is so sweet! Your recitation is superb and I really really wish I was as good as you! You're only 8 and I'm 20! Please keep up with the memorization, your Baba and Mama told you the truth, just think about all those good deeds you have to show Allah!! MashaAllah! 

    I want to memorize the Qur'an so please make du'a for me. With that recitation and energy that you have, you'll be able to memorize the whole Qur'an in a very short time, I'm sure you can do it! 

    May Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala accept every good deed from you, and may you be among Allah's favorite slaves! Ameen. I hope I get the chance to meet you some day! :) InshaAllah. Keep making Allah and your parents happy, may you always smile and be joyful, Ameen :)

  • Shabana Khan, Aylesbury, UK

    Assalaamu Alaykum\r\nFirst of all I would like to thank you for such an amazing website. I have just discovered it and Inshallah looking forward to doing the courses. May Allah reward you for in abundance for all your efforts

  • Muhammad Bilal, Dubai

    Assalamualaikum brother, May Allah reward you for your great effort in creating the easy learning guides for praying/tajweed. I want a hardcopy of them to help me learn but I'm based in Dubai. Is it possible to order a electronic copy of the material including Tajweed booklet?
    Jazakallah khair

  • Syed Akhter Hussain, Mississauga, Canada

    Assalamu-Alaikum - I don't have words and who shall I thank you for your wonderful gift, I got from you for all of us. I have been trying to learn Tajweed, since from my childhood.  Allahduillah, finally, I have found such a great treasury.

  • Ismail Bax

    AaWw,Hope you are in the best of health and imaan. I am very impressed with the work you have done especially in Quran and tajweed. May Allah Almighty reward you with the best. I wanted to ask about the bookmarks you have produced, please advise how much, quantity etc...Jzk Ismail

  • Muhammad Zaakir, Mauritius Island

    Assalaamualaikum Dear brother in Islam. I am from Mauritius Island. I am presently starting a colour coded tajweed course for our musallis in our masjid. Your tajweed pdf will be of great use to me. So I am actually asking you permission to use your materials. May Allah reward you for your efforts. Jazaakallah Kheiran. Hope to have a positive response from you in Shaa Allah.

  • Kashif Sarwar, Leeds, UK

    Salaam, Jazakallah kahirun for your efforts. The Tajweed classes are very good. May Allah SWT accept it from you and reward you insha\'Allah. One suggestion would be if you could make all the classes available on MP3 CD, either for sale or downloadable files. This would be useful if one wanted to listen to the classes in the car or when there is no internet connection etc. Or even uploaded on YouTube as one can download them onto smartphones. Jazakallah kahirun, Brother Kashif

  • Zaid

    i have been following your surah courses and have thoroughly enjoyed learning please carry on with the excellent work you are doing its benefited me immensely, will you be carrying on after surah feel? really hope so \\\\r\\\\njzk may Allah accept you work and bless you in every way ameen

  • Shoaib Amer Amin, Belgium

    As salaamu alaikum my brother in islam, I hope the team of love of the quran are n their full imaan and health. Im a muslim brother(age 22) who lives in Belgium (Oostende). Alhamdulillah I have come across this \"your tajweed made easy\" booklet and mashaALLAH i\'ve found it very great. With great sorrow the muslim communnity in Oostende are very seperated from the deen. Alhamdulillah i\'ve studied tajweed in my early years in the England Madrissah \"Darul Uloom London\" and memorised some juz too. Therefore i have planned to start lessons for adults in my local mosque with the booklet tajweed made easy. But the people in Belgium are mostly dutch speaking,(the muslim are differnet from origines so dutch will be the basic language of teaching. I need this booklet in format which I can translate inshaAllah inn dutch. I will not alternate any single in the booklet your tajweedd made easy InshaALLAH, a promise from a muslim brother. My intentions for teaching is just for the sake of ALLAH, it is my Duty to give dawah as per the QURAN. I cannot guide anyone in this world, just can remember people. It is Allah who gives guidance. I hope u understand my quiry and will help me in this beautiful work. May ALLAH help us All, Ameen. jazakALLAH khairan, With love, Shoaib Amer Amin

  • Huma, Duisburg, Germany

    assalam o alaikum wrt wb. I today came across your site and this made me cry. Even right now i have tears in my eyes....I wish i could somehow be a small tiny part of this mission. I\'ll be waiting for LFQ kids... my daughter is turning three and me and my husband are introducing her to Qaida... my husband teaches tajweed to our community kids here for the sake of ALLAH ... i\'ll show your tajweed book to my husband inshaALLAH .. i think it can help him in many regards. may ALLAH accept this from you brother. and may ALLAH forgive us all and enlighten our hearts with the light of Quran ameen .. prayers for you and your family.. and a request, brother please make dua for my family too... may ALLAH guide us to His path and may we get our final results from Him in our right hand on the day of judgement ameen jazakALLAH hu khairan

  • Shabeeb Hassan

    Bismillah Assalaamu alaykum varahmathullah Hope and pray for the happiness of Ummah. I just went through your website and found that tajweed pdf, ma shaa Allah and hereby requesting your permission to use it for my kids studies and the book which i compiling for the Madrassa. Pls reply asap Jazakallah alf khairen Barakallah feek Wassalam

  • Danish Wajid

    Jazakallah khair!!! Through your pdf course 3, biithnillah, i have come to clear many confusions i had related to my tajweed.

  • Shaikh Zahid Hussain

    Sir I really love your team's work that you have done in the courses. In Sha Allah. Allah will reward you and ya'all family MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU

  • Rabiah A

    Salaam, I don't normally give feedback on websites I encounter, however, this website has been so helpful to me and I am SO thankful! Every aspect of the website has been so helpful and so well presented. There really is no other website like this online and I'm really happy I stumble upon it! Jazakallah!!

  • Ajwad Hashim, Melbourne, Australia

    Assalamu Alaikum Jazakallah khair brother for this beautiful work in helping to learn to read the Holy Quran. I am an Al-Quran teacher in a weekend school. I found your files are very useful in simple language to understand by the children. I ask Allah to reward you and help you to produce more such learning materials. Kind regards Ajwad Hashim Melbourne Australia

  • Denise Chow

    Assalamualaykum w.b.t to the team of, I just want to say THANK YOU for creating this great website. As a fairly new muslim, I find it easy to follow the tajweed steps. I shall share this website with my fellow new muslim brothers and sisters, in shaa Allah. May Allah bless your effort and reward all of you handsomely, ameen. Best regards, Denise

  • Lila Hadef

    As Salaam alaikoum was rahmatullah was barakatuhu Jazakallah khair for your efforts towards this site, I have really improved my tajweed. My salaat is becoming so much more enjoyable after having dine this as I was loosing concentration before but reciting with the proper tajweed helps me to stay focused. May Allah reward you immensely, this website is a great success :) thanks for taking the time to make it!

  • Dasha

    Assalam Alikum wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh, Thank you most sincerely for this website, today I am starting to learn my Salah insha\'Allah. May Allah help you as you are helping me, I ask Allah for protection in all your movements and rests, may Allah provide you and your family with beneficial knowledge, provision that is good and pure and deeds that are accepted. Assalam Alikum wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh.

  • Inshirah

    AsSalaamu Alaikum WRWB Dear Ustadh, you give so much. Alhamdulilah! May Allah swt Bless and Reward you and all who were involved in this Project. Truly it is comprehensive and so helpful...MashaaAllah! Alhamdulilah for your love of this Deen and your effort/willingness to share knowledge. May Allah swt accept inshaaAllah!

  • Maye Mohamed

    Jazak Allah Khair Brother for making this invaluable tool for all of us to use. I know that my children and I will benefit immensely from this product that you and your colleagues worked so hard to create. Please keep up the good work and may God reward you and those like you immeasurably for your effort!Alaykum Al Salam Sister Maye Mohamed

  • Asad Rehman

    Brother I want to memorize the Holy Quran, i liked the way you teached the prononciation of the Salah and Surah Fatiha. I would like something similiar to follow the prononciation of the Quran starting fom Surah baqarah. I don't just want to listen to a Qari but someone like you who goes into depth and explains what to do at each letter/word. Have you got any more concise surahs of the quran which I can learn from you, starting from surah baqarah.

  • Yaqeena Hashim

    Assalaamu 'alaykum. May Allah reward those people behind this beneficial site. I was planning to enrol in a stay-in Qur-an memorization program to improve my tajweed and at the same time to memorize surah. Unfortunately, the summer program is 2months, and that is too far for me. Then I came to know your site. ALhamdulillah, I could learn more and review my tajweed at home. Jazaakumullahu khayr.

  • Umm Zakiyyah

    As Salaamu Alaikum, just wanted to say thankyou for creating this website for those of us who want to learn to read Quran, but dont have the money to pay for a course. JazakAllahu Khairan.

  • Fatima Bibi, Birmingham, UK

    salam I have just recently found this website I am 17 yrs old and have learnt that I need to learn tajweed in order to read the quran properly thank you so much for making this website it is really helpful and easy to understand I never had the opportunity to learn tajweed by anyone its agreat help may allah grant u jannah, and help me in becoming a better person would you be able to make the mp3 learning course downloadable like I could save it to my computer documents so that I can learn without the internet because i don\'t think ill be able to have internet later on the future

  • Abdoul Malik

    As-salaamu-a-laykum,May ALLAH grant you plenty of reward and the Muslims ummah as a whole. I pray ALLAH grants you long life and skills so that you can continue to help beginners like us. Thanks to your work, i have started reading the Qur\'an much more better. I used to be afraid reading the Qur\'an for fear of mistakes. Now, i feel eager to read through each time. Please, do not forget us in your duas, that ALLAH facilitates our understanding and grants us much more eeeman. As-salaamu-a-laykum.

  • Benjamin, UK

    Salam, I just want to thank you for making these courses. I have been looking into Islam for a while and reading Quran with the view to revert when i feel the time is right. I had been told by many people that if you want to join Islam you should go ahead and join and then learn. How ever i felt that i wanted to learn first so then when i perform the Shahada i will be a confident Muslim and will have no struggle in learning my prayers and having any feeling of guilt of not being able to do my duty from lack of knowledge, Insha Alllah this is the way i felt most comfortable. In a month i have learned the whole of Salah with 2 Surah and am very confident in the way i can pronounce them, in fact even some of the Muslims i work with have commented on how well i say the words and have even asked me for help! I showed them your website and i hope you receive blessings for all the hard work you have put into making this wonderful learning experience. I have heard many people say of their struggle to learn when reverting and i can honestly say i have not struggled one bit through your brilliant explanations and easy navigation of the courses, also i believe Allah made it easy for me as he can see my will to learn. I now pray every morning and every day i am getting more and more confident and i very rarely have to refer to any notes to jog my memory. I have one request though, i want to perform the Shahada next month and was wondering if you have an audio lesson of it? I have practiced saying it using the rules you use in all your lessons and am fairly confident but would like to be sure. Once again thank you for every thing and may Allah reward you generously for all your hard work and guidance you have given. Benjamin

  • Imam Abdur Rahman Bashir, New Orleans, USA

    Asalaml Alaikum, I am currently an Imam at Masjid Abu Bakr in New Orleans, LA USA. I came across your website and wish I had stumble upon it sooner. I am interested in ordering material for the Quran classes I instruct and the tajweed bookmark I believe will be a wonderful tool. Please get back with me with pricing and shipping info, Jazakallah

  • R Ahmad, Atlanta Georgia, USA

    Salam,I am a Pakistani now settled in USA for 20 some years.I am trying to improve my Quranic recitation.I have joined this on line Quranic teaching they do via Skyp.I did let them know of your website, I am not sure if they  would like to incorporate it or not. I personally find it very helpful.I leave in Atlanta Georgia and am a psychiatrist by profession.

  • Rukhsana Ahmed

    I like your website very much, may Allah bless you and your family.

  • B Meman

    assalaamu\'alaykum Jazaakallaahu khayran for this wonderful effort. May Allah ta\'ala accept your fiqr and your effort, aameen. I teach Quran to those who have learnt however without the rules of Tajweed. I often need to ask them to find something online which will help them practice at home. This is great link to pass on. One suggestion, could you possibly add more surahs? It would be great to have more surahs or even the complete Qur\'an. I would also like to inform you that InshaAllah I shall be adding this link to a forum I work on.

  • TG

    I am an older student of Tajweed. As I started late in life and I am not an Arabic speaker, I am struggling in reciting correctly. I stumbled upon your site and now, at last, I am so encouraged. You have really made it easy. May Allah bless you, son. TG

  • Fazeel Saeed, Maldives

    I was searching the internet for Thajweed teaching lessons and Alhamdhu lillahi I came across your wonderful web site. Maashaa Allah I could imagine Allah\'s angels escorting you to His paradise. You have done a wonderful job! A lot of hard work. May Allah bestow His mercy on you and your family and anybody and everybody who benefits from your great work. Now my enthusiasm is picking up. I could insha Allah follow your teaching lessons, specially course 2, while teaching kids. I have requested from the government of Maldives to give me permission in opening an institute to teach Qur\'aan and today supervisors from the government came to see the building where I am starting this insha Allah.Insha Allah everything is going well. Dear respected sir, I would appreciate if you could help me in assisting us in guiding and planning some of our lessons in ares we need. Here I am planning to hire some good Qaaris to teach but an expert advice is always needed. Once again I would like to mention that insha Allah your reward is waiting for you in Jannah. You have done a good thing for the Ummah, Maasha Allah. Jazaakallah Khair. Mr. Fazeel Saeed Headmaster Alas Tuition and Learning Centre.

  • Nusrat Rashid

    Salaams brother, First of all, I would like to congratulate you on all your hard work in putting this together and making it so successful masha Allah. I have looked for various courses/resources to help me learn tajweed but as you can appreciate, time is of the essence and we don\'t have a lot of it! Your courses have been very straight forward to follow and that has been a great plus point for me. May Allah reward you and your family for all the work that you have done so far and any further work that you do in the future...insha Allah

  • Billal

    dear brother i would like to thank you for this beautifull work you have done with this web site. may Allah give you the baraka for this ,and may Allah bless you and your familly for making this available for all the brother around the world barak allah fik

  • Sandra

    I would like to thank you most heartily for your website which is a very valuable help for me and all of us who are studying the holy Qur'an but live in non-islamic countries and/or on the country, far away of any town, which means no chance to get a teacher, so we are autodidact. Again Shukran for helping me on this way.

  • Himika

    As-salaamu-a-laykum, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to create this website! It is clear, concise, user-friendly, and above all, beautiful to look at and listen to! Alhamdullilah. Beautiful and quality productions such as this will inshallah inspire all our fellow Muslims to put in the same effort. I do have one huge request. Would you be able to do courses for each and every sura in the Qur-an? I know that a lot of time and effort to invest on your part, but I am sure others like me are willing to donate to help. You could start with the shorter suras and work your way up to the biggest one. Inshallah, I really hope this happens because it would be just wonderful. Thank you for your time! Salam

  • Habir Basheer

    Dear brother, First of all thank you very much for making this website. It\'s very useful to everybody. Even I didn\'t know that the importance of Thajweed. Thank you.. May you have the best of both the worlds...

  • Samira

    Sallamu alaikum, I just want to say Jazakh Allahu khairan for this great gift. I have been studying the tajweed to improve my quranic recitation. May Allah reward you with Janna Firdaus.

  • Abdul Kabir Ibn Abdul Ganiy, Nigeria

    Salam Aleikum First of all,jazaakhumlahu khairan for this great work...i was once a christain i got converted in 2005.i am able to recite the Quran but not very well with tajweed.i dont have anyone to give me the required motivation until i went for a programme here in nigeria,and i saw a boy of 12 yrs reciting very well with tajweed.since then i have started working...i have downloaded many reciters of quran on my system.i now have the thought that why didnt i start from basic..and through google i have been going thru the tutorial prepared by very happy.

  • Junaid Iqbal

    Assalam-o-Alikum! Dear Brother! I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful gift you have given us. I have just started the from course 1 and will go on as I\'ll progress Inn sha Allah! May Allah give you reward for this kind act in this world and the next! Jazakamullah ho kahir!

  • Muhammad Ayaz

    As-salaamu Alaykum, MashaAllaah. Brother, I am really happy I was sent this website. MashaAllaah this is a great service you have provided and it really is sadaqah e jaariya. May Allaah reward all those mentioned in the beginning of your pdfs and I pray you continue things of different ways to benefit the Ummah Mention me in your Du'as if you remember me. 

  • Rahim Ikram, Leicester, UK

    asalaam alaikum Just like to say how great this site is, only came across recently and its already so useful to me, all the courses are easy to understand, i will pass this on to my friends and family and please carry on this great work. jazakallah

  • Charmaine Andrew

    Asslamau alaikum I just wanted to take a little minute to say Jazak\'Allah for this site. I am a revert to the deen and have been searching high and wide for a site like this . ALhamdulillah this will make my Ramadan more productive insha\'Allah. May Allah swt bless you for your hard work and keep you steadfast. :) Masalaama Charmaine

  • Muhammad

    As Salaamu Alaykun, Just want to let you know that im using your website and benefitting alot from it! In my area I have nobody to teach me to tajweed therfore I travel far to take lessons one weekly and when im at home i use your site to revise my lessons and practise for next weeks lesson this has helped me alot and I have been progressing very quickly. My Allah reward you immensely for your work.

  • Khadeeja Rahman, Manchester, UK

    Asalamu alaikum brother,

    Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your work. The website is very well thought out, clear and user friendly. It is exactly what I need to help me practise reading the Quran. Thankyou so much for your sincere effort purely for the pleasure of Allah. I pray that Allah Azzawajal reserves a place for you and your loved ones in eternal Jannatul Firdaws. Amen

  • Serene Nazari - Malaysia

    As salaamu alaykum

    I would first like to thankyou for uploading such a useful tutorial on performing Salaah. It has helped me, Alhamdulillah immensley and I have shared it with my friends.

    Thank you very much for all your efforts. May Allah shower his baraqah upon all of you.