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Tajweed Bookmark


It's so important to have the Tajweed rules at hand when learning to recite the Quran. No more looking into the back of the Quran or other books, all you need is this bookmark. Colourful, just the right size and to the point. This bookmark is very simple and straight forward.

Unlike the colour coded Quran, which tells you exactly where the rules are, this bookmark explains the rules but you have to identify where the rules are in the Quran yourself. The benefit of this is that you know the rules and are able to explain them, where as with the colour coded Quran you will be following colours only.

This bookmark is 20cm x 7.5cm (double sided).

It is covered in a thick gloss laminate, which makes it very durable. Children cannot get to the four corners of this bookmark and therefore is impossible to tear and Inshaa-Allah for this reason it will last for years.

You are getting quality and durability, which in a teaching environment is very essential.