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It is important for children to be introduced to the Arabic alphabet in a fun and colourful way. This Alphabet is modern, colourful and so easy to use. We have tried to make it as simple as possible for children and adults. We believe that the letters are the foundation of good Quran recitation. We have included a colour coded system for similar letters, 2 throat letters and full mouth letters. Where possible we have tried to explain details in English.

This Alphabet is A5 size (double sided) and is covered by a thick gloss laminate, which makes this product very durable. Children cannot get to the four corners of this alphabet and therefore is impossible to tear and Inshaa-Allah for this reason it will last for years.

You are getting quality and durability, which in a teaching environment is very essential.

We also have free audio for how to pronounce the Alphabet in Course 2. Please access our courses section to benefit from the audio.